Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Blogsphere's coverage of Tony's plight

The blogsphere is beginning to light up with posts about Tony's condition. The most extensive post to date appeared on Marc Mas-Ferrer's Uncommon Sense. A reply to his post lead to further coverage on Babalu Blog. Further googling (is that a word?) turned up a couple of interesting items--one from Osvaldo Paya's blog and another from the Cuba Encuentro blog (in Spanish). Many thanks to Marc for getting the ball rolling with this.

As these blog entries point out, legislators worldwide are turning up the heat on the Cuban Government to extend adequate medical treatment and/or release Tony and his colleagues. Here in the States, Congressman Lincoln Díaz Balart made remarks on the House floor. For the full English-language transcript, go to the Uncommon Sense post referenced above. A Spanish-language version is also available at the Diario Las Américas site. I have expressed my family's gratitude to Congressman Díaz-Balart and his tireless staff for their commitment to this effort.

I was also very pleased to find out that a former National Hockey star and current of Member of the European Parliament has written a letter to the Cuban Embassy in Bratislava (Slovakia) requesting Tony's immediate release. I have e-mailed Mr. Šťastný's staff to thank him for his support.

First thing this morning, I also had a note from the Spanish Consulate in New York City. They were kind enough to read my e-mail and forward it to the proper authorities in the Spanish Foreign Ministry. If you recall the content of an early post, the Spanish Government has taken an interest in the welfare of Cuba's dissidents.

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