Tuesday, June 12, 2007

More on my uncle Tony's book

Several individuals have asked me for additional background on my uncle's book. I found out about its existence in the beginning of this year, when Gisela asked me to be on the lookout for publication of a book written by Tony. After a brief search, I found this article (in Spanish) about the release of the book at the Goteburg Book Fair.


Sweden's Christian Democratic International Center is the book's publisher and makes it available on its website.


As of this writing, the book is available only in Spanish and is not sold at your local Barnes and Noble or any other bookseller in the States. However, I welcome any opportunity to distribute the book far and wide, if only so that Tony can tell his story in his own word. In the interest of full disclosure, I stand to gain nothing financially from the book's sale and distribution.

I have read the book and it was a very emotional experience. Tony and I are only about eight years apart in age, so he was more like an older brother to me. His book tells the story of his arrest, trial, and imprisonment in minute detail and flashes back (briefly) to the spring of 2002. It was in May of that year that he and his colleague made international news by walking into the Cuban National Assembly building with a box full of signed petitions.

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