Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tony asks Cuba-friendly entities to help

My aunt Gisela e-mailed me recently to let me know, among other things, that her e-mails to me have been bouncing recently. I am not prone to acknowledge conspiracy theories, but one has to wonder if there might be some foul play involved here.

The purpose of my post is not to whine about a few lost e-mail messages. It is to convey a message from Tony to those organizations that have been historically friendly to the Cuban Government. He wants these governments, NGOs, and private individuals to become aware of his precarious existence in a Cuban prison. He considers himself to be under physical and psychological attack. As he contends, the lack of treatment of his many ailments is incompatible with the norms of anyone under government confinement. Furthermore, the conditions of his confinement are dangerously unhealthy and exacerbate his symptoms daily.

Gisela adds that she is concentrating her efforts on exhausting all channels of redress within the Cuban system. She is not able to seek the assistance of any outside organizations. "This must be made with intelligence, not force," concludes Gisela in her message, "because force is what they [the Cuban authorities] have right now."

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