Friday, January 11, 2008

Tony is in hunger strike

It's been a while since I have received any news about Tony's condition, but I got quite a shocker this morning. Tony is on a hunger strike. In the interest of avoiding repetition, I am providing the link to an online newsletter post which contains all the details known at this time. I wasn't aware of the existence of this newsletter until this morning. I will be sure to feature it prominently on this blog. I believe it's operated by exiled members of the Movimiento Cristiano Liberación.

To summarize, Tony has gone on a hunger strike and has been moved into a cell with common criminals. As the post confirms, Tony is suffering from a serious intestinal disease which, as I have stressed in this blog, continues to go untreated. Our family appeals, once again, to the Cuban authorities to transfer Tony to a medical facility with the adequate hygiene and resources to allow treatment. The Carlos J. Finlay Hospital in Marianao (our hometown) would be ideal. I didn't want to repeat myself, but I can't help it. The last doctor that examined him is not willing to treat Tony under his existing living conditions. I have no idea how common criminals live, but I doubt very much that their conditions are any better than anyone else's at the Canaleta prison.

The only other tidbit of information I have received recently is that Tony is recovering from a toothache (which was properly treated).

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