Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tony transferred to hospital in Havana

At last, my family can confirm that Tony has indeed been transferred to the Carlos J. Finlay Hospital (also known as the Military Hospital, or Hospital Militar) in Havana. This hospital happens to be located less than a kilometer away from my family's house. My mother tells me that his brother Carlos is overjoyed to know that he will be physically close to the family and receiving proper medical attention. Family visits are approved for once weekly, so I expect his spirits to lift under these conditions. Finlay Hospital offers some of the best care available in the country, so I am also breathing a huge sigh of relief today.

Why the sudden transfer? Why is the government complying with a request that his family and the world's human rights community have been making for more than year? Apparently because of the hunger strike--or so I have been told by my sources.

I am not sure how this information was conveyed to my mother, but Tony's reaction was quite emotional. As Tony told someone in the family, he wasn't expecting to see his old neighborhood ever again. Welcome back home, Tony! The situation is not perfect, but it's getting better. No news yet on whether Tony remains in strike in support of his colleagues.

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