Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tony on hunger strike again

Oswaldo Paya's blog reports today that Tony has decided to go on a hunger strike yet again. He is doing this to show his solidarity for fellow prisoners of conscience that chose to strike to protest the confiscation of religious writings, including the Confessions of St. Augustine.

The good news is that Tony has now been moved to a hospital facility. Few details are available about the conditions of his confinement, but I can only hope that a hospital is better than a tiny, filthy cell.

The hypocrisy of the Cuban regime never ceases to amaze me. Nominally Catholic and friendly with the Vatican, the Cuban authorities have no basis for denying access to religious texts, especially one authored by one of the Church's greatest thinkers. Then again, maybe it's just simply fear of the unknown (I doubt St. Augustine was part of anyone's curriculum during the good old days of Soviet hegemony). Perhaps these actions are rooted is a desire to torment by denying the prisoners even a scintilla of hope.

As much as these news deepens my concern about Tony's physical conditions, it also makes me proud to be related to a man that understand that respect is earned through example and the willingness to share the fate of the most afflicted. May God watch over you.

Here is the post from Oswaldo's blog.

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