Monday, November 19, 2007

Tony's health takes a turn for the worse

A few moments ago, I had a chance to chat with Gisela about Tony's health. The latest news is quite discouraging. Following a doctor's visit on the 14th of November, which included an endoscopic examination, Gisela was informed that a) Tony's condition is worsening (no details provided on what "worsening" means and b) he is in dire need of an operation. However, the doctor is not willing to take responsibility for his recovery as long as he is confined in his current environment, which, as I have described them on this blog before, is substandard. Not only is Tony's diet inadequate, but his cell is unsanitary. The only recourse available to the doctor is to increase the dosage on Tony's medication to the maximum safe level. To make matters worse, Tony's guards seem to be ignoring the doctor's instructions. The medication has been withheld from him regularly and is only made available after Tony protests. On the legal front, Gisela has been unable to get the attention of Tony's lawyer for the past month, so his conditional release (or transfer to medical facilities) is still pending. She plans to write to the Cuban Government to complain about Tony's mistreatment.

That is all I have for now.

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